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Discover comprehensive insurance pricing for FAW car models, including both brand-new and second-hand options, tailored for the Philippines market. Just click the arrow next to each FAW model to view insurance details tailored to your model year.

FAW ModelYear RangePremium RangeOwn Damage /TheftActs of NatureExcess TPLDeductible Amount
FAW Loadrunner2016 - 2022₱3,699.13 - ₱12,724.30₱2,000View Details
FAW ModelYearPremium RangeOwn Damage /TheftActs of NatureExcess TPLDeductible Amount
FAW Loadrunner2022₱10,097.08 - ₱12,724.30₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Loadrunner2021₱8,571.09 - ₱10,675.88₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Loadrunner2020₱7,372.09 - ₱9,034.52₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Loadrunner2019₱6,216.30 - ₱7,721.42₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Loadrunner2018₱5,223.48 - ₱6,483.90₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Loadrunner2017₱4,431.03 - ₱5,424.64₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Loadrunner2016₱3,699.13 - ₱4,581.05₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2016 - 2022₱2,720.52 - ₱8,574.93₱2,000View Details
FAW ModelYearPremium RangeOwn Damage /TheftActs of NatureExcess TPLDeductible Amount
FAW Multicarry2022₱6,519.07 - ₱8,574.93₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2021₱5,465.71 - ₱7,140.44₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2020₱4,612.69 - ₱5,949.87₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2019₱3,880.79 - ₱5,040.62₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2018₱3,456.90 - ₱4,384.07₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2017₱2,962.75 - ₱3,737.44₱2,000View Quotations
FAW Multicarry2016₱2,720.52 - ₱3,343.52₱2,000View Quotations

Car Insurance FAQs

The cost of a car insurance policy for your FAW depends on a variety of factors, including the market value of your specific model, year, and its variant. However, base on Philvex website, the cost of FAW car insurance in the Philippines is between ₱2,720.52 and ₱12,724.30 as of May 25, 2024. Insurance companies also consider factors such as your location, the level of coverage you choose, and your deductible amount.
The coverage of a car insurance policy typically includes protection for damage to your vehicle, liability for damages or injuries you cause to others, and personal injury protection for you and your passengers. The exact coverage depends on the specific policy you choose.