How to keep yourself off from blind spots to avoid accident when driving?

May 29, 2022 at 2:52AM
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What is a blind spot?

When a car is passing next to your lane, you initially see it by your rear-view mirror and driver’s side mirrors. As it approaches to your vehicle, you won’t be able to see it by your rear-view mirror but still be able to see it by your side mirror.

As the car reaches alongside your vehicle, there is a point that you will no longer be able to see it by your side mirror but until it reaches to your peripheral vision. This is what we call a blind spot.

MMDA's blind spot guide

MMDA's blind spot guide

Blind spots are one of the main causes of road accidents. There are many blind spots that you must be aware of including door frames and other parts of your vehicle that may cause small blind spots.

Check your blind spot first

Blind spots can be a serious risk on the road if you fail to check it before making lane changes. It is important that you must be aware of before driving. Learn exactly where your blind spot is and how big it is so you can have general awareness on when to pull out.

You can also reduce the risk of road accident by waiting for at least a long second until you prove that there are no longer vehicles on your blind spots before making lane changes.

For example, if you notice that a motorcycle tends to be along your blind spot for 3 seconds and when you decide to make lane change, check first the rear-view and side mirrors, then wait for a least 5 seconds prove that the motorcycle is no longer at your blind spot before you pull out. This will give enough time for any vehicle on your blind spot to be visible again.

Wait to be visible again

Wait to be visible again

Avoid on large vehicle’s blind spot

Now you know what a blind spot is, and you check your vehicle’s blind spots. Unfortunately, it is not enough for you to be safe on the road. There are some reckless drivers and even doesn't know about blind spots.

Other vehicles like trucks tend to have bigger blind spots than cars and often have signs like “Keep Distance” on the back or “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you” is a common message on the rear-view mirror of trucks. To avoid being on the blind spot of larger vehicles, always make sure you can see their rear mirrors and check if there is enough space before overtaking so you don’t stuck driving next to the other vehicles’ blind spot.

Use the technology

Blind spot monitoring systems

Blind spot monitoring systems

You can reduce the traffic accidents due to change lane by using modern technology. There is new technology to reduce the risk of collisions by monitoring the blind spot on modern cars. Blind spot monitoring systems use cameras and radar sensors on the rear bumper to detect if there’s a vehicle driving in your blind spot.

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