How to take photos of a car accident to use as evidence for insurance claims?

Updated January 14, 2023 at 9:05AM
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The best approach to describe the scene of a car accident and preserve visual evidence for your insurance claim is through photos.

Being in a car accident is already a stressful situation, especially if both your car and the other vehicle(s) were damaged. Even though you hope to avoid it in the future, if you're purchasing car insurance, you should be aware that capturing quality photos of an accident is crucial for filing an insurance claim for your vehicle.
Photograph of a Car Accident

Photograph of a Car Accident

How Photographs Can Be Helpful?

Taking photos in a car accident is a great way to preserve evidence. Car insurance providers need some evidence to the accident you are involved in so that they can assess how much they must pay for your insurance claim. When you're talking to the insurance provider, testifying in a deposition about a car accident, images like these can also help you remember things more clearly.

Any Camera Will Do

Smartphone camera is enough

Smartphone camera is enough

Remember that your goal is to preserve evidence, not to win photographic contests. In other words, you don't need to keep a camera in your glove compartment; any kind of camera will do. Cellphone cameras are getting more and more advanced, and many of them come with an integrated flash. An additional choice is a disposable camera. Make sure the time/date stamping feature is turned on in whichever camera or gadget you're using if it has that capability.

Capture the Details

Take clear pictures on the damaged area

Take clear pictures on the damaged area

The ideal way to document the details of the damage brought on by an accident is to take several different types of images with your camera, but even without that, you should capture significant details as evidence including:

  • your car, the damage it sustained
  • the other vehicles involved in the accident, and the damage they sustained
  • any visible bodily injuries to you, your passengers, and the other parties (if possible and consented to)
  • the accident scene

Be sure to take photos from different angles and distances.

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