Used Toyota for Sale Philippines Below 900K

Discover a wide selection of our Used Toyota under ₱900K for sale in the Philippines at Explore affordable prices starting at just ₱358,000, listed

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by our verified used car dealers and owners. As of June 17, 2024, we offer a total listing of 153 Used Toyota under ₱900K cars available for sale, with prices ranging from ₱358,000 to ₱798,000.

Price List of Used Toyota for Sale by Body Type

Body Type Units Price Range
Used Toyota Sedan 18 ₱358,000 - ₱708,000
Used Toyota SUV 12 ₱538,000 - ₱900,000
Used Toyota MPV 9 ₱388,000 - ₱890,000
Used Toyota Hatchback 5 ₱358,000 - ₱548,000
Used Toyota Crossover 3 ₱688,000 - ₱788,000
Used Toyota Pick-up 2 ₱788,000 - ₱790,000
Used Toyota Wagon 1 ₱700,000 - ₱700,000

Price List of Used Toyota Cars at

Used Toyota for Sale Units Price Range
Used Toyota Wigo for Sale 5 ₱358,000 - ₱548,000
Used Toyota Vios for Sale 12 ₱358,000 - ₱708,000
Used Toyota Avanza for Sale 7 ₱538,000 - ₱900,000
Used Toyota Rush for Sale 6 ₱698,000 - ₱888,000
Used Toyota Innova for Sale 5 ₱388,000 - ₱890,000
Used Toyota Corolla Altis for Sale 5 ₱528,000 - ₱678,000
Used Toyota RAV4 for Sale 4 ₱688,000 - ₱788,000
Used Toyota Fortuner for Sale 2 ₱578,000 - ₱768,000
Used Toyota Hilux for Sale 2 ₱788,000 - ₱790,000
Used Toyota Camry for Sale 1 ₱420,000 - ₱420,000
Used Toyota Sienna for Sale 1 ₱798,000 - ₱798,000

FAQs on Used Toyota for Sale

As of June 17, 2024, there are 153 Used Toyota cars available for sale in the Philippines from PhilVex.
Toyota Wigo is the most affordable and cheapest used Toyota car available for sale on PhilVex with a price for as low as ₱358,000.00 only. Used Toyota Wigo has 5 units available on PhilVex platform with prices ranging from ₱358,000.00 to ₱548,000.00.
Toyota Sienna is the most expensive used Toyota car available for sale on PhilVex with a price of ₱798,000.00.
Sedan is the most popular body type among used Toyota cars with more than 18 Used Toyota Sedan cars available for sale on PhilVex.
While we don't directly provide financing, many sellers may offer financing options or collaborate with external financing institutions. Inquire with the seller about available financing plans and explore external financing options for a smoother transaction.
Our platform provides advanced search filters to help you refine your search. Use filters such as model year, mileage, and price range to narrow down the options and find a used Toyota that matches your specific criteria.
Sellers have varying policies on holding vehicles. Contact the seller directly to discuss the possibility of placing a temporary hold on a used Toyota while you finalize financing or make a decision. Keep in mind that some sellers may require a deposit for this service.
We recommend thoroughly researching the specific Toyota model you're interested in, checking its market value, and reviewing seller ratings. Additionally, have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle, and be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the sale before making a purchase.
Sellers are encouraged to disclose any accident history in their listings. Additionally, you can request a Carfax or similar vehicle history report to check for accidents and other incidents. If in doubt, consider having a professional inspection done before finalizing the purchase.
While we don't handle insurance directly, sellers may assist in providing necessary documents for insurance transfer. Contact the seller for details on the required paperwork and any support they can offer in transferring insurance coverage.
Warranty offerings vary by seller. Some may offer extended warranties or protection plans for an additional cost. Review each listing for information on warranties, and discuss options with the seller to determine the best coverage for your needs.
Return policies differ among sellers. Some may allow returns if a third-party inspection reveals undisclosed issues, while others may sell vehicles on an "as-is" basis. Clarify the return policy with the seller before completing the purchase.
Negotiation is common in the used car market. Use our platform's messaging system to communicate with the seller and discuss pricing. Be respectful and consider factors such as the vehicle's condition, market value, and additional features during negotiations.
Many sellers provide maintenance records as part of the vehicle history. These records may include information about routine maintenance, repairs, and inspections. If the information is not readily available, you can request it from the seller.
Insurance costs for used Toyota cars depend on factors such as the model, age, and coverage. It's recommended to obtain insurance quotes from different providers to find the most competitive rates. You can visit to obtain readily available online car insurance quotes for your Used Toyota Car.