Used Mazda for Sale Philippines Below 350K

Discover a wide selection of our Used Mazda under ₱350K for sale in the Philippines at Explore affordable prices starting at just ₱328,000, listed

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by our verified used car dealers and owners. As of July 21, 2024, we offer a total listing of 3 Used Mazda under ₱350K cars available for sale, with prices at ₱328,000 each.

Price List of Used Mazda for Sale by Body Type

Body Type Units Price Range
Used Mazda Sedan 1 ₱328,000 - ₱328,000

Price List of Used Mazda Cars at

Used Mazda for Sale Units Price Range
Used Mazda 3 for Sale 1 ₱328,000 - ₱328,000
Used Mazda 3 for Sale 1 ₱328,000 - ₱328,000

FAQs on Used Mazda for Sale

As of July 21, 2024, there are 3 Used Mazda cars available for sale in the Philippines from PhilVex.
Mazda 3 is the most affordable and cheapest used Mazda car available for sale on PhilVex with a price for as low as ₱328,000.00 only. Used Mazda 3 has 1 units available on PhilVex platform with prices ranging from ₱328,000.00 to ₱328,000.00.
Mazda 3 is the most expensive used Mazda car available for sale on PhilVex with a price of ₱328,000.00.
Sedan is the most popular body type among used Mazda cars with more than 1 Used Mazda Sedan cars available for sale on PhilVex.
Negotiation is common in the used car market. Use our platform's messaging system to communicate with the seller and discuss pricing. Consider factors such as the vehicle's condition, market value, and additional features during negotiations.
While we don't directly provide financing, sellers may offer financing options or collaborate with external financing institutions. Inquire with the seller about available financing plans and explore external financing options for a smoother transaction.
Yes, some sellers may consider trade-ins. Provide details about your current vehicle to the seller, and they will assess the trade-in value based on various factors.
The delivery process varies between sellers. Some may offer delivery services, while others may require you to pick up the vehicle. Contact the seller to discuss delivery options, associated costs, and the logistics of transporting the Mazda car to your location.
Sellers may provide details about the insurance history of the vehicle in their listings. Additionally, you can inquire directly with the seller to obtain information on past insurance coverage and any relevant claims.
Sellers determine the prices for their listings based on factors such as the model year, condition, mileage, and market demand. Our platform encourages fair and transparent pricing, and you can use the listed information to compare prices and make informed decisions.
Our platform provides comparison tools that allow you to easily compare key details such as price, mileage, and features among different Mazda listings. Use these tools to make an informed decision on the best deal for your needs.
If you encounter any issues or have concerns about a listing, use our platform's reporting system to notify our customer support team. We take user feedback seriously and strive to ensure a secure and transparent marketplace.
Yes, many sellers on our platform are open to scheduling test drives. Contact the seller directly through our platform to arrange a test drive and experience the used Mazda car firsthand.
Sellers typically provide details about the vehicle's condition, maintenance history, and any known issues in their listings. You can also request a vehicle history report and arrange for a pre-purchase inspection to ensure the used Mazda meets your standards.
Insurance costs for used Mazda cars depend on factors such as the model, age, and coverage. It's recommended to obtain insurance quotes from different providers to find the most competitive rates. You can visit to obtain readily available online car insurance quotes for your Used Mazda Car.