Used Hatchback Cars for Sale Philippines

As of July 22, 2024, we have a total of 72 Used cars Hatchback available for sale in the Philippines listed at Among

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these listings, we found out that the Mitsubishi Mirage is the most affordable unit listed on our platform, with 4 units available at prices between ₱328,000 and ₱428,000, while the most expensive model is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with 1 unit listed at ₱1,458,000. When it comes to body type for the pre-owned cars, we have 31 Hatchback. Get great deals offered by our certified sellers partnered with Explore our 72 listings together with the clear photos, specifications, descriptions, reviews, and other features.

Price List of Second Hand Cars Listed at

Used cars Hatchback for Sale Units Price Range
Used Mitsubishi Mirage for Sale 4 ₱328,000 - ₱428,000
Used Toyota Wigo for Sale 5 ₱358,000 - ₱548,000
Used Honda Jazz for Sale 5 ₱548,000 - ₱758,000
Used Suzuki Swift for Sale 4 ₱358,000 - ₱520,000
Used Mazda 3 for Sale 4 ₱568,000 - ₱668,000
Used Honda Brio for Sale 3 ₱428,000 - ₱658,000
Used Ford Fiesta for Sale 2 ₱338,000 - ₱368,000
Used Volkswagen Polo for Sale 1 ₱378,000 - ₱378,000
Used Mini Cooper for Sale 1 ₱510,000 - ₱510,000
Used Lexus Rx 350 for Sale 1 ₱1,198,000 - ₱1,198,000
Used Mercedes-Benz A-Class for Sale 1 ₱1,458,000 - ₱1,458,000

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FAQs on Used Hatchback Cars for Sale

As of July 22, 2024, there are 72 Used Hatchback cars available for sale on Philvex in the Philippines.
The most affordable used Hatchback car in the Philippines on Philvex platform is the Mitsubishi Mirage with 4 listed at the price range from ₱328,000.00 to ₱1,458,000.00.
Each listing includes a readily available phone number📱 provided by the seller, enabling you to directly connect with them for additional information on any listing.
Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the most expensive used Hatchback car available for sale on PhilVex with a price of ₱1,458,000.00.
Mitsubishi Mirage, Toyota Wigo, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift, Mazda 3, Honda Brio, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, Mini Cooper, and Lexus Rx 350 are among the popular Hatchback cars in the Philippines listed on PhilVex.