Used Cars for Sale Philippines Below 200K

As of July 21, 2024, we have a total of 3 Used cars under ₱200K available for sale in the Philippines listed at Among

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these listings, we found out that the Chery Qq is the most affordable unit listed on our platform, with 1 unit listed at ₱120,000, while the most expensive model is the Honda City, with 1 unit listed at ₱190,000. When it comes to body type for the pre-owned cars, we have 1 Sedan, 1 SUV, and 1 Coupe. Get great deals offered by our certified sellers partnered with Explore our 3 listings together with the clear photos, specifications, descriptions, reviews, and other features.

Price List of Second Hand Cars Listed at

Used cars for Sale Units Price Range
Used Chery Qq for Sale 1 ₱120,000 - ₱120,000
Used Honda CR-V for Sale 1 ₱180,000 - ₱180,000
Used Honda City for Sale 1 ₱190,000 - ₱190,000

FAQs on Used Cars for Sale

As of July 21, 2024, there are 3 used cars available for sale on Philvex in the Philippines.
The most affordable used car in the Philippines on Philvex platform is the Chery Qq with 1 listed at the price range from ₱120,000.00 to ₱190,000.00.
There are a total of 3 body types available for used cars on PhilVex.
PhilVex provides clear photos, specifications, descriptions, reviews, and other features for each car listing.
Each listing includes a readily available phone number📱 provided by the seller, enabling you to directly connect with them for additional information on any listing.
Honda City is the most expensive used car available for sale on PhilVex with a price of ₱190,000.00.
Sedan is the most popular body type among used cars with more than 1 Used Sedan cars available for sale on PhilVex.
Absolutely, all used cars for sale on PhilVex are thoroughly verified from reputable sellers and maintained in good condition.
You should verify the Certificate of Registration (CR), Official Receipt (OR), and the Deed of Sale. Ensure that the seller's name matches the name on these documents.
Request the vehicle's complete history, including service records and accident reports. Also, have the car inspected by a trusted mechanic or inspection service to assess its condition.
While buying from a private seller is common, it's essential to exercise caution. Verify ownership documents, inspect the car thoroughly, and meet in a safe, public location.
Both options have pros and cons. Dealerships often provide warranties and may offer financing, but private sellers may offer lower prices. Consider your budget and priorities.
Yes, you can finance a used car purchase through banks or lending institutions. Requirements and interest rates may vary, so compare options to find the best deal.
Yes, there are taxes and fees involved, including the Transfer Tax and Registration Fee. Consult with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or a legal expert to understand the specific costs.
Research market prices for the make and model you want. Be polite but firm during negotiations. Be prepared to walk away if the price isn't reasonable.
Some dealerships offer warranties on certified used cars. Private sellers may not provide warranties, so it's crucial to inspect the vehicle thoroughly.
Complete the transfer of ownership by updating the CR and OR with your name. Register the car with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and secure insurance.
Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Watch out for forged documents, stolen vehicles, and fraudulent sellers. Deal with reputable sources and have everything in writing.
In most cases, used car sales in the Philippines are 'as-is' without a return policy. That's why it's crucial to inspect the car thoroughly before finalizing the purchase.