Kia for Sale Philippines

As of April 23, 2024, there are 12 New and Used Kia cars available for sale in the Philippines on, encompassing

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a variety of body types including 2 SUV, 2 Crossover, 1 Minivan, 1 Van, and 1 MPV, with prices ranging from ₱478,000 to ₱2,258,000. Avail Kia great deals offered by our certified partner sellers around the Philippines. Explore details of your favorite Kia models such as price variants, monthly installments, images, descriptions, and specifications.

Price List of Kia for Sale by Body Type

Body Type Units Price Range
Kia SUV 2 ₱948,000 - ₱2,258,000
Kia Crossover 2 ₱478,000 - ₱488,000
Kia Minivan 1 ₱1,058,000 - ₱1,058,000
Kia Van 1 ₱1,058,000 - ₱1,058,000
Kia MPV 1 ₱1,018,000 - ₱1,018,000

Price List of Kia Cars at

Kia for Sale Units Price Range
Kia Sportage for Sale 2 ₱478,000 - ₱488,000
Kia Carnival for Sale 2 ₱1,058,000 - ₱1,058,000
Kia Seltos for Sale 1 ₱948,000 - ₱948,000
Kia Grand Carnival for Sale 1 ₱1,018,000 - ₱1,018,000
Kia Sorento for Sale 1 ₱2,258,000 - ₱2,258,000

Kia Cars for Sale by Budget

FAQs on Kia for Sale

Kia Sportage has the highest number of units listed for sale in the Philippines at PhilVex, with 2 units available for sale.
From ₱478,000.00 to ₱2,258,000.00 is the price range of Kia cars for sale in the Philippines listed on PhilVex.
Kia Sportage stands out as the most budget-friendly option among Kia cars for sale on PhilVex, priced as low as ₱478,000.00.
Kia Sorento is the most expensive Kia car available for sale on PhilVex with a price of ₱2,258,000.00.
SUV is the most popular body type among Kia cars with more than 2 Kia SUV cars available for sale on PhilVex.
There are 12 Kia cars available for sale in the Philippines on PhilVex.